Generator Installation, Repair And Maintenance

Get the products and services you need to enjoy continuous and reliable power even when disaster strikes. Alternative power serves home and business owners throughout Suffolk, Virginia, by providing a range of generator installation, repair and maintenance services. Our experts can help you design and install a durable and powerful backup power system that will automatically go to work when an outage occurs. Be prepared when it matters most.

Residential Generator Services

The best way to protect your home and family from storms and power outages is with an emergency backup power system. You can choose from generator models that will power your whole house or smaller options that can effectively supply your most important appliances. With the help of the experts at Alternative Power, your home will be properly equipped and ready to handle practically anything. We also offer repair and maintenance services to help keep existing systems in optimal working order.

Commercial Generator Services

Suffolk area businesses also rely on Alternative Power for all their generator product and service needs. We understand that even a temporary outage is more than just an inconvenience. It can result in significant revenue loss, put your inventory and security at risk and prevent you from providing goods and services to customers. That is why we work closely with businesses to design and install efficient and affordable commercial generators.

Industrial Generator Services

Our full range of services also extend to industrial services who may need access to even more extensive backup power systems. No project is too big for our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Work with us to find the right solutions that will keep you up and running.

Take advantage of our financing programs that will help make your generator even more affordable. Also, be sure to ask about our ongoing service program so that you can enjoy regular visits that will keep your system in optimal working condition and prolong the life of your equipment. For more information and answers to all your questions contact Alternative Power of Suffolk, Virginia.

Alternative Power is proud to provide backup energy needs in Suffolk and surrounding areas in Virginia. Contact us today to purchase a generator or for generator repairs or maintenance.