Generator Installation and Maintenance Services in Williamsburg, VA

Alternative Power offers a full range of products and services for home and business owners throughout Williamsburg, Virginia. Our team of experts will go above and beyond to make sure that your home and business stays connected and safe during bad weather. Whether this includes choosing the right size and type of generator, scheduling installation, or offering continued maintenance, Alternative Power is here to help you stay prepared. 

Residential Generator Services

No one should worry whether they will lose power whenever dangerous weather strikes. Alternative Power is available to provide solutions to all of your worries and needs. With a Generac home backup generator, you do not have to worry about manually turning on your generator whenever the power goes out. A Generac generator can sense a power outage, automatically turn to deliver backup power to your home, and will continue to run, whether for a few hours or for weeks, until your power returns. Contact our Williamsburg team to learn more about your options and figure out if a Generac backup generator is right for you.

Commercial Generator Services

Businesses in the Williamsburg area rely heavily on continuous power in order to stay open and maintain services to customers. Without the correct equipment, your business could potentially risk security and electrical issues during inclement weather. Alternative Power is here to eliminate that potential risk to your business and provide expert repair and maintenance services to your generator. 

Industrial Generator Services

Alternative Power partners with industrial facilities all throughout Williamsburg to make sure they are never left alone when a disaster strikes. We will work with your facility to make sure that the right emergency plan is in place so that you have reliable and fully operational power during a disaster.

We are committed to providing the very best in high-quality products and service. Whether with a Generac backup generator or a 24/7 support team, Alternative Power is there for you. We strive to go above and beyond to offer our clients competitive financing. If you live or have business in Williamsburg, be sure to check us out today.