Generac PWRcell battery storage systemGenerac PWRcell is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, battery storage system that helps you save money and prepares you for power outages. Our PWRcell battery storage technology captures and stores energy from solar panels or the electric grid then uses this energy when you need it most! 

Save Money Every Day

Lower energy bills and avoid peak rates. Take advantage of our PWRview technology and optimize your power use during the day. Stop paying for peak hour prices when the cost of your utility power is at its highest rate, by utilizing the power stored in your PWRcell. Supplementing your current energy use, especially when grid power is expensive, will help you save thousands on your energy bill over the life of the product. Many people don’t even realize they are paying more during certain times of the day and you can program your PWRcell to use its stored energy and save you money during these times.

Prepare For Power Outages

power outageNot only can the PWRcell save you money daily, but it also prepares you for any type of power outages. Stop spending your nights in the dark when the weather turns bad. Keep your most important appliances on, like a sump pump or well, while your power is out. Don’t let these critical items turn off for an extended period, thus costing you in the long run. And the best thing is, the PWRcell has the highest storage capacity available on the market today, thus powering your home for longer! Gain greater independence from the grid

PWRcell Technology

Capture clean energy from our photovoltaic solar panels and store that energy in our expandable Li-ion PWRcell Battery™ cells. PWRcell provides homeowners with up to 50 amps and 12 kW of surge capacity, enough to start heavy loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators, wells, sump pumps, and much more. It also gives up to 8kW of continuous output, plenty to run most homes.

PWRcell is Scalable

Our PWRcell system is fully customizable and can scale as you need it. It features an innovative modular battery pack system, equipped with 8.6 kWh batteries, which can be expanded up to 34.2kWh. Since it is all made by Generac, each component is specifically engineered to seamlessly install and work together. This is unlike most solar storage products, which are assembled piecemeal from various manufacturers’ components. This makes the PWRcell one of the most scalable, robust energy storage systems available on the market today.

PWRview AppPWRview

Using our PWRview app allows you to monitor your energy use and receive:

  • Solar generation and battery usage
  • Detailed electricity bill estimates and savings
  • Energy Usage at-a-Glance
  • Intuitive bill forecast and history
  • An understanding of your energy profile to help you lower monthly bills

“PWRcell and PWRview make clean energy solutions more attainable and accessible for homeowners,” – Russ Minick, Head of Clean Energy at Generac


Installation & Maintenance of PWRcell Battery Storage Systems in North Carolina

Based in Cary, Alternative Power sells, installs, maintains and repairs Generac battery storage systems.

Set up a consultation to learn more about PWRcell by calling Alternative Power at 919.467.8001. At your consultation, we will assess your backup power needs, then provide you with a recommendation, as well as a quote for the size of PWRcell you may need. You can move forward and have our factory-trained technicians install a Generac PWRcell so your home can start saving money and always be prepared for the next power outage in North Carolina.

Alternative Power sells and services industrial Generac products in cities and towns including Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, Cary, Apex, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Greenville, New Bern, Morehead City, Wilmington and surrounding areas in North Carolina.