Business Transfer Switches

Alternative Power provides transfer switches for both residential and industrial applications. Our business transfer switches cover the full range of demand from light industrial solutions all the way to critical applications so that your business can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable standby power. Get the tools you need to power your business even in the event of an outage.

We rely on Generac products to provide durable and reliable business transfer switches that are compatible with a wide range of generators. Every Generac switch is made with silver composite contacts, which are designed to withstand pitting or burning. This increases the lifespan of the entire system and offers exceptional reliability.

Each business transfer switch is also ISO 9000 certified, meets NEC codes and can handle full load transfers. If your business has to manage critical operating needs, is legally required to provide a backup system or needs to be prepared for emergencies, our switches can offer optional solutions.

Customized Power Solutions

The technicians at Alternative Power are highly trained and experienced. You will enjoy expert installation for an efficient system that will go to work when you need it most. We will help you find the right business transfer switch for a customized system that supports all your needs.

Light industrial models may come with the ability to attach multiple switches and generators while critical operation models offer an unlimited number of switches. Whether you need to power certain areas or equipment or you need to power your entire facility, there are business transfer switches that can get the job done.

Contact Alternative Power to learn more about how or business transfer switches can help supply you with reliable standby power so that you can take full advantage of your generator. You can automatically switch to your backup power source without skipping a beat.

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