Home Backup Transfer Switches

Reliable power, no matter what.

Home Backup Transfer Switch sidedAlternative Power helps homeowners experience the benefits of Generac transfer switches. With whole-house automatic transfer switches, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will never have to deal with an outage.

Choose from a variety of house transfer switches to fit your home and your budget. While a whole house transfer switch offers the ultimate in convenient power, this option may not be within every homeowner’s budget. Other products allow you to choose between providing power to every circuit or focusing on essential circuits. The transfer switch will be paired with the right sized generator so that the entire system can adapt as needed without compromising efficiency.

Smart Management Modules

Generac transfer switches come with a Smart Management Module that puts you in control of prioritizing which appliances are receiving power and when. This approach means that power will be supplied according to your needs and the system will work to monitor each circuit and automatically send power for smarter system management.

Each Smart Management  Module is completely wire-free for easy and affordable installation. Your automatic transfer switch can be linked to up to eight modules for customized power load management.

Essential Circuit Transfer Switches

For a simpler and more cost-effective option, you can install an essential circuit automatic transfer switch that backups the circuits you deem most important. Whether you want to power your refrigerator, furnace or sump pump, you can automatically support your essential appliances.

With pre-wired construction, installation is quick and easy. The essential circuit transfer switch is available in versions that support 10 or 16 circuits. These products also come with weatherproof conduits for safe and durable connections with external connection boxes.

Alternative Power is proud to supply customers with high-quality Generac whole house automatic transfer switches that support their needs and allow for the customized prioritization of power. Whether you want constant and automatic whole house power or you are looking for a more affordable option that delivers power to specific appliances, we can help you enjoy the perfect solution for your home.

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