Portable Transfer Switch

If you have an existing portable generator, but you want to upgrade to an automatic standby power system, a portable transfer switch can easily and affordably convert your system. There is no need to purchase completely new equipment.

Upgradeable Portable Transfer Switch Options

Whole House Transfer Switches

Based on the capacity of your generator, you may be able to power your entire load center for whole-house power. This product mounts on the outside of the building near the utility meter and includes extra space to an additional 12 branch circuits so that you can easily feed power to other outbuildings. If you want to reduce the load on the generator, you can manually turn off certain supplies as needed.

Portable Single Load Transfer Switches

Want to back up a single circuit that supports an essential appliance such as a well pump, water heater or A/C unit? A 30 Amp transfer switch can be placed by the existing load center and automatically provide power to your chosen appliance. The switch is made of durable aluminum and offers a tight seal so that everything is protected from the elements and harsh weather conditions.

Converting your portable generator to an automatic standby power source can be easier than you think. If you are tired of extension cords and want a better solution to power outages, Alternative Power can help. We are proud to offer customers the best in high quality and durable Generac products that offer excellent performance and value. Our experts are trained on installation best practices so that your ungradable portable transfer switch project will be a success from start to finish.

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