How Does the Generac G-Force® Engine Compare to Air Cooled Engines Used in other Brands of Backup Generators?

Most brands of backup generators rely on air cooled engines. Electric generators create heat as they operate and require a cooling system to prevent damage and stay operational. Air cooled generators draw in cool air and circulate it throughout the components to keep temperatures down. 

While this type of cooling system is effective in portable and smaller generators, it is not designed to provide prolonged protection. Using an air cooled generator for an extended period of time can lead to overheating, which will completely shut down the generator and cause a loss of power. 

Essentially, air cooled engines can only be used in residential settings and for short periods. If you experience frequent outages and need a strong and reliable generator, a product powered by an air cooled engine may not be the best choice.

Why Choose a Generac G-Force® Engine

The Generac G-Force® Engine has been specially designed to address the problems associated with air cooled engines and provide an alternative that can run for days, and even weeks, at a time without complications. The G-Force® series features an entire family of engines that have been engineered to withstand the demands of generating power for a generator that can operate longer while also offering a longer lifespan. 

The engine relies on a cold smart start technology to monitor the ambient temperature so that the engine is warm when it needs to start operating. You won’t have to worry about cold starts that wear on the engine. A thermal safety switch will also cut off the engine if temperatures reach a dangerous level that could cause damage. Each engine also maximizes surface area so that heat is rejected from the engine and not allowed to gather in the generator.

All of these features combine to offer a more powerful, efficient and longer-lasting generator that can operate continuously without problems. As a leader in high-quality generators, Generac has pioneered the technology behind these cutting-edge products to offer a better alternative to traditional air cooled options from other brands.