On September 21, 2021, Generac announced the arrival of a new product, the PWRmanager. This new load management system is specifically designed to work with the company’s PWRcell Energy Storage System. The PWRmanager helps users better control their power supply during a grid outage. Homeowners can now program and sequence which appliances receive power and in what order. 

Benefits of the Generac PWRmanager

One of the drawbacks of traditional backup power systems is that they are only capable of powering a few appliances for a limited amount of time. There is no way to intelligently control the load and direct power to where it is needed most. The PWRmanager addresses all these issues and provides an advanced solution.   

Smart Enabled

The PWRmanager provides a smart solution for powering your home. It can be controlled from your phone or tablet. To turn a circuit on or off, all you have to do is swipe on your screen. This level of control allows you to prioritize circuits and prolong battery life during extended outages. 

Easy to Install

In around 90 minutes, the PWRmanager can be installed next to the home’s current electrical panel. There is no need to add a new load panel. Once it is in place, you will be able to automate your six 240v circuits or twelve 120v circuits and two thermostats. 

Affordable Pricing

The PWRmanager is affordably priced, especially when compared to similar products on the market. With seamless integration, you don’t have to invest in additional installation costs and it will pair perfectly with the PWRcel System and PWRview app.

While the PWRmanager won’t be available on the market until Spring of 2022, it is something to look forward to and Alternative Power is excited to offer this product to our customers in the near future. Visit our website to learn more about Generac brand products and why we recommend them to customers.