As more homeowners are looking for sustainable ways to power and run their homes, Generac continues to introduce new solutions to support these efforts. Their latest creation is the PWRgenerator, which is designed to work with the PWRcell Solar and Battery Storage products. By combining these different elements, homeowners are able to enjoy complete ownership and control over their power without having to rely on the grid. 

How the PWRgenerator Works

During the day, solar panels will harness the power of the sun to supply the home with power and charge the battery. Once it gets dark, the battery will go to work powering the home. If the battery charge drops to 30%, the PWRgenerator will automatically turn on and go to work charging the battery in just 1 hour. 

The PWRgenerator further supports clean energy by running on LP or natural gas. Homeowners can continue to use clean power while also protecting themselves from outages.

Smart Monitoring Capabilities 

The PWRgenerator is a turnkey solution that works with the PWRview app. Homeowners can monitor the status of their generators along with power production numbers. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing Smart Grid as part of a virtual power plant. This allows you to sell power back to the grid and further reduce energy costs. 

Solar power is part of the future of clean energy, but users also want the reassurance that they will be able to weather severe and prolonged outages. The PWRgenerator provides the perfect solution. It is quiet, efficient, and reliable. At Alternative Power, we look forward to bringing this product to customers beginning in early 2022.