Get answers to some of the most common questions about Generac portable generators. 

What should I do if my generator won’t start?

Check the fuel level and add fuel before setting the valve properly in place. Next, check the oil and make sure that the spark plug is properly connected. Set the choke and all other connections. 

What should I do to maintain my portable generator?

Regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your generator. You will want to do maintenance at least once a year or after 100 hours of run time. Follow these steps: clean the generator, change the oil, clean the air filter, run the generator on a monthly basis, charge the battery, and properly store it in a safe place. 

What type of gasoline should I be using in my portable generator?

Fill your generator with fresh gas that has a minimum rating of 87 octane. 

Can I operate my generator in an enclosed space?

Absolutely not. Portable generators must be operated outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation. Using a generator indoors can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. 

What should I do if my generator is running but not producing power?

Generators come equipped with circuit breakers to prevent them from becoming overloaded. All the breakers should be pointing in the same direction. If a breaker is pointing the other way, it will need to be reset. Next try field flashing the generator so that it can build up the necessary magnetism. If these steps don’t work, you will want to have your generator serviced by a Generac technician.  

What can I do if I lose my owner’s manual?

Fortunately, all of the Generac manuals and documents are available on the Generac Support Page. Even if you have lost the hard copy, you will still be able to access the information you are looking for.

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