While any home can benefit from the reliability of a Generac generator that provides backup power, certain locations are more prone to frequent outages. If you live in a high-risk area, a standby generator will allow you to continue to supply electricity to vital home systems and appliances so that you and your family can stay safe and comfortable. Learn more about certain locations that may benefit the most from a home standby generator.

Rural Settings

Living in the country means privacy, wide-open spaces and plenty of nature, but a rural setting can also make it difficult to weather emergencies and extreme conditions. When the power goes out, utility companies usually prioritize more populated areas, which means that you could be waiting for days to have your electricity repaired. Country roads can compound the problem by restricting your access to supplies, especially in the event of heavy storms. A standby home generator can help you survive these outages and live more independently. 

Locations with Extreme Temperatures

There are parts of the country that experience bitterly cold winters and steamy summers. Homes in these areas rely heavily on HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. If the heat stops working in the middle of a cold snap, conditions can quickly become dangerous. The same is true during extreme heat, especially if children or the elderly live in the home. Your best bet is to invest in a standby generator that will go to work supplying power to your essential systems.

Homes in Flood Plains 

Homes in low lying areas that are prone to flooding are also perfect candidates for standby generators. This is especially true in the spring when melting snow and rain converge to create wet conditions that lead to down trees and power lines. If you have a basement, it won’t take long for the water to work its way into your home and you may find yourself battling rising waters without the help of your sump pump. When spring comes in like a lion, a standby home generator will help keep your home safe and dry.

If your home is located in one of these high-risk locations, contact the experts at Alternative Power today. We can help you find and install the right Generac generator that will help you weather extreme conditions and enjoy convenient power even when trouble strikes.