Generac Transfer Switches

Transfer switches play an important role in any backup power system. These switches make it possible to transition from utility-based power to generators so that you can enjoy consistent and reliable power even when there are outages in the area. Depending on your needs, you can choose between switches that are operated manually or go to work automatically. You can also prioritize appliances and areas of your home or business or make sure that the entire load is fully supported by the transfer switch and generator. These products offer a range of capabilities for highly customizable solutions.

Home Transfer Switches

Generac home transfer switches come pre-wired for easy installation. The connection box and conduits are weatherproof and tightly sealed so they can safely be installed outside next to the meter. Choose which circuits receive power during an emergency or enjoy complete coverage throughout the entire home.

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Portable Generator Transfer Switch

Typically, using a portable generator involves lots of extension cords and manual operation. However, with a portable generator transfer switch, you can connect to the load center and enjoy continuous power. Depending on the size and capabilities of your generator, you can supply the entire how or manually choose which circuits are prioritized and receive power.

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Business Transfer Switch

Whether you need to support just a few circuits or you need to supply critical equipment, business transfer switches can provide custom solutions that will provide reliable performance. These products will help you quickly make the transition from utility to generator power so that you can stay up and running.

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